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Dear Visitor,

Welcome to  The purpose of this site is to connect consumers who are 50 years old and above with the best deals, discounts, and coupons out there.

Here you will find a consolidated list of discounts available for various age categories (50+, 55+, 60+, 62+, 65+) alongside the best promotions those same merchants offer for shoppers of all ages.

We see "senior discounts" available almost everywhere you can open your wallet, but are these the best deals?  No, not always.

Do consumers who happen to be 50 years old and above only purchase items with a senior discount?  No, that's highly unlikely.

Mix-and-match "senior discounts" with merchant or manufacturer coupons if permissible.  Otherwise, simply utilize the discount or coupon that offers the best deal!  Feel good about being money-wise.

Thank you for visiting!

~ Nancy Meyers

Local Deals: More Savings Near You

Jun192012 is one of our favorite deal companies!  They partner with many local restaurants to bring us great deals and promotions. offers the opportunity to try new and taste-tantalizing places at a very affordable price. Speaking only for myself, we get into our little habitual ruts where we will only visit our favorite dining spots (and only order only our favorite items), but through, we have found some fantastic and affordable dining options that were fun to try. The best part is that for a great price, you get to try somewhere new or an existing favorite place. Be sure to read the fine print on the terms. Most of the time, they are clear and amazing deals, but some restaurants have exceptions on what menu items qualify for the discount.


Living Social

Living Social brings you great deals from local restaurants, spas, shops, travel, and more.  Their company works directly with merchants to offer limited quanities of these coupons and vouchers.  This is a great way to find something new in your neighborhood, get a great deal at one of your existing favorite retailers, or explore a town that you are visiting.  One of our favorite types of Living Social deals are the travel and destination deals.  If you are planning a get-away, take a look through the great packages available through their destination page!  The prices are fantastic.  Be sure to read the fine print, because we found that many of the deals have valid date ranges and blackout dates.


Groupon Now

Huge Discounts on deals right NOW!

We personally prefer Groupon Now over the traditional Groupon Vouchers.  Groupon Now highlights one-day discounts.  In other words, they highlight deals that are redeemable and valid only today.  Each day, they list dozens of Groupon Now deals in your neighborhood.  Print those coupons, and redeem them that day.  Our favorite part of Groupon Now is that there is NO RISK to reserve and print the coupons.  If you don't use your Groupon Now voucher before the date and time listed, it loses its promotional value but you can still redeem it for the amount paid for an additional 24 hours.  And if you still don't use it, Groupon will automatically refund the amount paid to you in the original form of payment.  As with all of these local deal offers, we recommend that you read the fine print so that you know what the coupon is redeemable towards.